king's kids Nairobi

king's kids Nairobi

2012 updates

second phase of PCYM Lecture .

we start with news of God blessing us with the fruit of the womb,as we are sharing this MIRJAM is now 17 weeks.We look forward to what God has in store for us.pray for Mirjam's health she has been in out of the hospital.

pre-teens week.students having there practical lesson.

week six was about world view and how our perceptions are affecting our lives today,it is up to us to see what we see.God's biblical view should be the big angle on how we see .Punched on the face to see that we have a lot to do for our nations and the world as whole.Thank God hat being in YWAM really exposes as to this everyday. week seven was about Family and just to see God's heart in it.we are so blessed to have this during this time,just to check and unlearn what we know concerning marriage.One the things that hit us ao hard is the foundation that our father want to impart in us.we feel that his original purpose was to make us holy and draw us to Him. week eight was about Children evangelism,what really struck us is the part of ministry not just being sharing the gospel,but to be Practical,Burden lifting and Sustainable.Following the example of Jesus  is a big Milestone today. week nine it all about pre-teens and how they are in the site of many people and we see that it is a very Good age to invest into there life,strong values that need to be laid.This week it was about youth culture and how it is ion this age and what are the things that they need in there lives today.we were looking at what exactly went wrong in there lives.


Life in Rwanda

It is now five weeks since we are here,it has been super awesome just to be in this school,It true that Learning doesn't stop at all,everyday we learn new stuff,In the journey of our marriage we feel that this time is great for us to grow and draw closer to God,we are also being equiped to be good parents in the future.Our first week here was to help with the school preparation,we worked so hard to see everything goes well,For me(David) it was a learning moment as I think of running a school one day.The creativity of Mirjam was really needed this week,she worked hard to make the school theme.

The first week of the school was really interesting,we had speaker from Uganda and he talked about the history and the foundation of King's Kids,It was so vivid to get to hear about it and just to own the dream once again.With the new goal of King's kids,it was so strongly on us that God has called families to work together  ,Linking of Generations,Deutronomy 6,He desires that everything to be passed to all generation.our hearts are so stirred up for Him.Our families are the most important places to lay the foundations of our walk with God.The second week was crazy big,just looking ourselves with who God is,his character and Nature,pumps up our bieng in Him.The tough thins is that we don't understand Him fully with our Normal brains,but dispite all that He remains to be God.All that is happening in the world draws alot of questions to many,but that fact is that He has given as that will to choose between good and evil,He never forces us to do something.We watched videos that really proved that He is the God of all wonders.

Week three was the big bang on our lives,it was about human development,checking out how God had planned our lives and what we missed while growing up,it is amazing seeing that our father plots it very well for us,but we fail in doing what He wants for us.He so gracious in His ways brings us back to Him.

week four we learnt about HIV and AIDS,The history which is not clear,the only thing is the many theories that are was so strong that  people need to tlak about it in churches,and quit the gospel of nothing is is the ignorant of our communities that is killing us,we need to talk about it so that we can have a stronger and responcible generations to come.Bellow are pictures of the PCYM SCHOOL in Rwanda.


Mirjam in class

David in the class.

small group presentation



Life in Uganda and Rwanda

On 31st of March we travelled to Uganda for a week,just to spend some time with our spiritual mum Magrate,our time in Jinja was just amazing special connecting in the spirit and to be ignited once again.It was a time for us also to tune in to our upcoming school.Quite a good rest for us.On 8th of April we travelled  to Rwanda.we arrived earlier than we thought 7:15 am on Monday.

For now we are at the base helping with the preparation for the school.We are looking forward to what God has for us,the school starts on 16th this month,it has 7 students and 3 staffs,that is a two couples from Uganda and Rwanda and a lady from Ghana and a guy from Kenya,with Mirjam.

king's kids

February and March has been an awesome time just to connect with the kids in Makutano,we Started this year with 25 kids in an open ground,we thought at was good to put into practice what we learnt last year in October,through KIMI training,reaching out to the kids hasn't been this awesome,Getting into there world is the only thing,Just going with the ball to play with them every Morning has brought alot of kids to us.We are ask to do everything to reach out to the people who are Lost in the world,Every saturday at 9am to 11am we hung out with kids in play games with them and have some time for worship and a bible lesson ,pray with them and give them some snacks and release them to go home.

2012 update

February has been a month of  talking about sin with the kids in Makutano,as you can see am explaining how sin gets into our hearts and make us dirty,Jesus came to give us a clean heart..David explains.

Mirjam sitting down with the kids and telling them that Jesus came to pump a knew life in them,and the kids are so attentive to the Lesson.

Mirjam is also looking forward to do her PCYM school in Rwanda come April this year and she says I want to understand this Little Angels.



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